Reflections from an All Access EKY Fellow: Ashley Vanover


My fellowship with All Access EKY has been a life changing experience. I have learned so much about people and the struggles they face every day, trying to get birth control and reproductive health services. Through this fellowship I have also gotten to meet some incredible new people and hear their stories. I have also gotten to work and become friends with some of the most amazing women. 


I first heard about All Access EKY from my high school journalism teacher, who also told me I should apply for the fellowship. I did some research about the program, and realized it was a great fit for me. I am extremely passionate about reproductive health and women's rights, so I knew I had to apply for the fellowship. 

After getting hired, I immediately fell in love with the job. Getting to produce media and write posts on social media about things I am passionate about is an amazing opportunity. I got to know the other fellows, and became incredibly close with them. Going to screenings and meetings together also brought us closer. We went to multiple screening at Morehead University and stayed overnight. It felt more like a sleepover than a work trip. We also had fun creating our Halloween video, and doing the witch makeup and interesting research that went with it. 

One of my favorite parts of the fellowship was going to screenings and talking to people. I loved hearing their stories and their experiences with birth control. I realized after talking to these people how fortunate I am to have access to health care and to have such supportive friends and family. Talking to people and learning about their healthcare struggles has been truly humbling.