Reflections from an All Access EKY Fellow: Madison Buchanan

Over the small course of eight weeks, I obtained a different perspective on things that occur in my small hometown. The All Access EKY Fellowship that I took part in was a eye-opening experience. I first heard about the position due to my teacher/mentor at my high school; she recommended that I apply due to my interest in activism along with my love for media/journalism work. Almost immediately after getting accepted, I knew that I was going to by committed to this wholeheartedly.


The job included a lot of hard work, discussion and brainstorming sessions that made me think in way I haven’t before. I learned so much about the people that I live around, and the situations they struggle in. I saw, even more so, how important the work that the All Access group is doing. We received many positive, supportive reactions; we also received many negative ones.

Through these weeks I’ve heard many stories from several different people that felt enough of a connection to share them with me. I’ve gotten the privilege to travel with the other fellows and see new places I’ve never seen before. We went to a small, quaint little art gallery and screened a film, while there I was able to view art from all around the area, meet some people that believed in our work and learn some things about the region I reside in. I made new friends with the people I work with, and believe that we will have this friendship for a long time. I was able to participate in making media, and editing it. I was able to attend festivals and events that were exciting and fun. I met a poet/artist and she taught me how to put my feelings down on paper. And those examples are only a few.


The amount of information and appreciation I gained for this organization is astounding. People that normally wouldn’t have spoke to me about topics pertaining to birth control, now ask me for advice and questions. Now that I’ve immersed myself into this goal, I can see the effects slowly start to take shape. People get more comfortable with talking to strangers about their bodies every day. I see now that work like this can, and hopefully will, change the world.

Reflections from an All Access EKY Fellow: Emilee Robinson

My name is Emilee Robinson I am a fellow here at All Access EKY, I am 18 years old and I have been with All Access for two semesters. During my time working with All Access I have made a few media and art pieces for this project and have been to many screenings with the other fellows showing our media and art to people in our community as well as outside of our community.


Working with All Access has been such a learning experience for me, when I first started All Access I didn’t know a whole lot about birth control and how hard it truly is to get Access in our region. With this project i am hoping to see more people get in involved and our community recognize the amazing work that is here at All Access put out! This project has taught me so much and I’m am so grateful that I have been able to be apart of such an amazing project for 2 semesters!


Reflections from an All Access EKY Fellow: Ashley Vanover


My fellowship with All Access EKY has been a life changing experience. I have learned so much about people and the struggles they face every day, trying to get birth control and reproductive health services. Through this fellowship I have also gotten to meet some incredible new people and hear their stories. I have also gotten to work and become friends with some of the most amazing women. 


I first heard about All Access EKY from my high school journalism teacher, who also told me I should apply for the fellowship. I did some research about the program, and realized it was a great fit for me. I am extremely passionate about reproductive health and women's rights, so I knew I had to apply for the fellowship. 

After getting hired, I immediately fell in love with the job. Getting to produce media and write posts on social media about things I am passionate about is an amazing opportunity. I got to know the other fellows, and became incredibly close with them. Going to screenings and meetings together also brought us closer. We went to multiple screening at Morehead University and stayed overnight. It felt more like a sleepover than a work trip. We also had fun creating our Halloween video, and doing the witch makeup and interesting research that went with it. 

One of my favorite parts of the fellowship was going to screenings and talking to people. I loved hearing their stories and their experiences with birth control. I realized after talking to these people how fortunate I am to have access to health care and to have such supportive friends and family. Talking to people and learning about their healthcare struggles has been truly humbling.

November Updates from the All Access EKY Fellows!

This semester has been a very busy one for All Access! We have had several screenings, all of which have been successful. First, we held a screening at Morehead State Universtiy for a class of 15 students. On that same day we held a screening in an art gallery in Grayson. We finished out that trip with a screening in the School of Art building at Morehead.

All Access EKY Fellows on College Tour of Communications Department at Morehead

All Access EKY Fellows on College Tour of Communications Department at Morehead

We also hosted a Girls Rock Benefit, which not only helped a local cause, but allowed us to share some of our work as well. We shared three media pieces, as well as spoke about our work, and handed out information in the lobby while snapping pictures at our #thxbirthcontrol photo booth!

Our most recent show was in Harlan and was attended by nearly 30 people. Our screening was hosted at the Harlan Civic Center, where artist Carrie Billett is currently showing an exhibit in the art gallery called “That’s What She Said”.


We answered questions at all of the events and held discussions that were very eye-opening. We not only have done screenings, but have attended several events such as Pikeville Pride, Whitesburg’s OKtober Fest, and Mountain Heritage Health Health Fair. All of this is to get more information out to the public, to bridge the gaps in our community around access to birth control. If you or anyone you know would like to do a screening or learn more about what we do, feel free to contact us at