Restricted Access

In the hills of Eastern Kentucky, reproductive health is a subject that is scarce and rarely talked about. In “Restricted Access”, AMI youth explore the myths surrounding birth control, gaining support from the All Access EKY program, and discuss with young adults and health professionals about their experiences with birth control.

A Set of Symptoms

“A Set of Symptoms” works to create awareness into the ongoing mental health crisis in Appalachia and how it is affecting teens, young adults, and older generations alike. “A Set of Symptoms” features insights from a mental health professional and testimonies from those diagnosed with mental illnesses. Take a look at what is merely a scratch on the surface of Appalachia’s hidden health crisis.

The Fallout

“The Fallout” discusses addiction in the central Appalachian region and alternative therapies that help addicts through recovery. These programs step in where jail systems fail to rehabilitate those in need. In this film we look into the lives of recovered addicts who are now working to better themselves and their communities.

One Story, Many Voices

In this experimental video, an anonymous author shares their story of surviving an abusive relationship in their teen years. Through the blended narration of many voices and images of abandoned buildings and railroad tracks you get to experience how sadly common these situations of abuse occur. In the end the author talks about how birth control is part of the reason why they were able to survive this time in their lives and move on.

Empowering Harlan County Students

Hygiene products are basic necessities, yet there are many silent barriers students face in getting access to them. The Empower Project, founded in Harlan County, KY, strives to assure the needs of students in the community are met by collecting and distributing donated products to local schools. As All Access EKY works to focus on barriers that provide access to birth control and good reproductive health care we were interested in learning more about how this group overcomes a very similar stigma and issue.

Let's LARC About It

Don't let the healthcare lingo throw you for a loop, the more you understand the terminology the easier it is to ask your doctor what form of contraception is right for you. In this video All Access EKY Fellow, Taylor Pratt, explains what LARC's are and the various forms that might be good birth control options for you!


Times Have Changed


This film was created to show how many children in Southeastern Kentucky are being raised by grandparents and along with that, how they are being taught about sex from their grandparents. The talk about sex is necessary for all families, and this film can show the consequences of what not talking about this subject may do.

It Goes Unspoken: The Unseen Labor of Appalachian Women

In this meditative documentary, All Access EKY fellows Skylar Griffith and Hannah Rose Adams explore the often unseen work of women in Appalachia-- including full-time motherhood - and their demand for recognition.  For years, women have taken on the role of being “backbones” within Appalachian communities. They carry households on their shoulders, provide life and shelter, all while attempting to live up to high expectations of who they are expected to be. 

Produced by Skylar Griffith and Hannah Rose Adams

Mountain Talk: Women's Health, Women's History

This episode of Mountain Talk explores women’s reproductive health and history in Southeastern Kentucky. It’s brought to us by four young women who are Fellows with All Access EKY.

The first story comes from Taylor Pratt, an 18 year old fellow who has been with All Access EKY for two semesters.  She sat down with Mitchella Phipps and Paulina Gover to talk about their experiences with reproductive health care, both in and out of the region. 

Then we hear from Caitlyn Cummings. Caitlyn is a 21 year old Fellow from Perry County, who wanted to capture what gender roles looked like for women in her community.  She spoke with friend and Professor Jenny Williams for this intimate discussion about women’s roles, barriers, and rights. 

Next, we learn about the life and legacy of  Mary Breckinridge – a nurse-midwife who founded Frontier Nursing University in Hyden, KY in 1925.  Destiny Caldwell, 23, shares Mary’s story as told through her long time friend Kitty Earnst.  

This episode concludes with a story about experiences with sex education in college classrooms today, produced by 19 year old Peer Trainer Hannah Adams.

Produced by All Access EKY Coordinator Willa Johnson